About the Book

Clemency:  The Saint Chronicles Part 1

“Every man is a man in trouble,” and Drew Saint, Peter Simons, and Jim Major are no exception.  An affair gone wrong, wrongly convicted of a crime, or helplessly spinning into bankruptcy finds three estranged friends inextricably trapped in the worst moments of their lives.  Somehow, each is offered their own customized miracle, their own personal lifeline.

The problem is, every miracle has its price, and theirs is no exception.  All that remains are the questions:  How deep is too deep?  How cold is too cold?  How black is just too black?  How close with death are they willing to dance to get back the lives they really wanted?  Brought out temporarily from their own personal nightmares, they forge an alliance set on one simple objective:  to turn back the hands of time and return to the lives they once knew, and the comforts they left behind.  But getting there would turn out to be another matter.

Hundreds of miles out to sea in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, stories begin to change, facts begin to blur and emerge, and tempers begin to flare.  What they thought would be a fairly routine mission becomes twisted with lies and perils as the three unsuspecting friends find themselves deliberately drawn into a complex, high seas, high stakes historical tale of betrayal, revenge, greed and murder.

What Others Are Saying…

“With every fin kick inside a collapsing shipwreck, to the storm-tossed   seas in a crowded boat on the surface, Charles Turner gives the reader the   clear sense that you are there..  I couldn’t put it   down!”

– James Delgado, Host of National Geographic’s “The Sea Hunters”

“From the attack center of a WWII German U-Boat, to an ill-fated salvage operation, Charles Turner reels you into the cold, unforgiving depths of the North Atlantic.  You’ll find yourself wanting more.”

– Steven Everard, CDR, USN (ret)

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